The project

inWomen.Gallery is the result of my ethical need to get out of the capitalist schemes of the contemporary art market which continues to see, as main protagonists, male artists and prices less and less accessible and reserved to only a few buyers. inWomen.Gallery wants to be a SUSTAINABLE online gallery dedicated to the political, social, environmental, economic dynamics of the world in which we live and whose protagonists will be mainly women. Even the sale of works of art will see some small changes in order to make us not only profit but also socially useful.

A reversal of the trend compared to the numbers of the great museums and the current major contemporary art institutions. Not only that, inWomen. Gallery will be an open space for all the female figures who populate and animate the contemporary art world: curators, critics, consultants, merchants, scholars and researchers.

An ambitious project? Certainly.
Is it necessary? Absolutely yes.


The audience of users and buyers for whom the gallery is designed is unusual compared to what can be observed in the contemporary art market. In fact, the gallery is aimed at an average audience that does not follow market trends and is free from its dictates.
It is aimed at a public that wants to buy works of art because it loves art, that wants to make not only an investment, but above all an encounter with the works and artists presented by the gallery with whom it shares its values.


The gallery is online, a choice certainly due to the needs of the moment, but also to the awareness that the art market is evolving and that we are now in the era of “digital reproducibility“. In essence, the market is moving digitally. This also means courageously tackling the resulting challenges, such as winning the trust of the public who cannot enjoy the work of art in person at first.
The gallery wants to be a virtual space not only for the exhibition of works of art to be put for sale, but above all a virtual place where to develop online exhibitions, share essays, articles, events concerning the world of contemporary art, with particular attention to women’s production. The exhibitions will be personal and collective and will be developed in harmony between the gallery owner and the artist/artists involved. Obviously the reference is to the whole artistic production, whatever its form.